A typical small project is very simple. Let’s say you want to replace one or more windows or doors. As long as the size remains the same it is easy to describe on a permit application and when the permit is issued we remove the old window and/or door and replace with the new unit. Most communities respond within twenty four hours to a request for an inspection.

If the project is more complicated, such as making the window bigger or the door opening wider, such a change has to be communicated to the building department. Usually the building department requires such changes to be certified and approved by a Certified Engineer. A simple drawing will be produced, signed by the Certified Engineer along with his license number and be submitted for a permit.

More involved projects such as basement remodels, kitchens, or bath remodels usually require drawings. Some drawings can be a simple one page drawing showing the fixtures and/or cabinets, but more involved ones for such things as basement remodels will require more complicated drawings. In some cases many licensed tradesman and engineers will be involved with the project. This is a common occurrence so it doesn’t skyrocket the cost.

As projects get more complicated I believe drawings, are necessary for the owner to see and understand what is planned. It is important for the building department to understand the materials and dimensions of the project. It is also necessary for the tradesman to know what to build. We design and draw complicated projects. We draw in AutoCAD, which is a professional drawing program used in engineering. This is a no nonsense program. It allows us to convey the project to the customer in visual terms. Once agreed upon we can move forward with estimating and permitting.
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