A word about licenses, insurance, and bonds. In the State of Illinois, carpenters are not required to have licenses. We carry liability insurance as all good businesses do. This protects you in case we damage your property. We can also purchase a “surety” bond from our insurance company if your community or you wish us to do so. A “surety” bond assures you and/or others that we perform the work according to local code and if a discrepancy is found we will correct it. This performs the same function as the building permit, with the exception that there is a bond to assure everyone that we will correct the discrepancy. If we need to work on plumbing, electrical, or other licensed trade we will bring in our trade associates. These trade associates are licensed, insured, and bondable. Additionally they are people of good character and I will vouch for them. Building confidence is very important to us.
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